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Things I consider when I’m setting up my project timeline for launches

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:16 - Hey hey, it's Jen Levitz from, and today we're talking about launching and what that process looks like and how much time you really should put into your calendar to do that.

00:29 - The first thing I wanna start with is, is this the right time for you to plan a launch?

00:35 - Now, we'll start off with, what is a launch?

00:39 - A launch is a formal promotion of a specific product or program and it likely is an open and closed door launch, meaning there's a specific time you open the cart and there's a specific time you close the cart.

00:55 - If you are not opening and closing the cart, then you're likely looking at an evergreen launch and that may be better served by an automated funnel.

01:07 - But we're not talking about funnels today, we're talking about launches.

01:11 - So, if you have a program that is going to have a specific start and close time, that's when you're looking for a launch.

01:20 - Now, before you even consider doing a launch of probably a small group program, I want you to take a look at your list.

01:31 - Look at your email list.

01:33 - What is one percent of your list?

01:37 - What does that one percent number look like?

01:41 - If that number is less than the number of people that you would like to have in your program, then you're not ready to do a launch.

01:51 - Let's say one percent is 10 people, and you'd like to have 10 people in your small group program.

01:59 - Great, you're probably at this borderline state where you could do a launch and you can likely get decent sales from it.

02:09 - But what if you really want 10 people in your program and you look at the one percent and go, "Hmm, I have two people."

02:19 - If that's the case then you're likely better served to just put out emails to get your list, to get on a phone call with you, to have you present them an offer for a one on one service.

02:36 - You're likely not ready for a small group program if the number for one percent is less than the number of people that you want in the program.

02:46 - If the number you want is 10 and you're at 10, you likely may not, it is very possible that you will not get 10 people, but the statistic, the general statistic, is one percent of your list will be interested in the offer that you put out there.

03:09 - Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that all one percent are ready to buy in this moment in time.

03:15 - It just means that they're interested in.

03:17 - I have seen that number be significantly higher, but I want you to think in the lower number and be safe.

03:27 - Set yourself up for success and go, okay, one percent is 10 people.

03:35 - Great, I want five.

03:38 - Awesome.

03:38 - One percent is 25 people and I want 10, great.

03:46 - One percent is 50 and I want 10, even better.

03:50 - Look at those numbers.

03:52 - If your one percent is more than the number of people that you would like in this particular program that you're putting out there, you're in great shape for a launch.

04:03 - If it's not, then you may not be ready to fully launch and I want you to focus on growing your list, okay?

04:13 - So, now that I've done that disclaimer, let's shift over to what kind of timeline should we be looking at when you're ready to launch?

04:21 - Now you've run your preliminary numbers of, this is how many people I want, well, make sure that the numbers make sense from an actual running of the program.

04:33 - What kind of expenses are you going to be putting out to run this program?

04:39 - Make sure that the number of people that you need to have in the program is a doable number.

04:45 - That goes back to that same place, because maybe this offer isn't the right offer for this moment in time.

04:53 - That's my other disclaimer for you.

04:56 - When you're looking at what you're going to launch, look at what your content is.

05:02 - Look at the word LEAD.

05:05 - What do you want your people to learn, what do you want them to plan or engineer, what do you want them to action, and what do you ultimately want them to deliver to their clients?

05:16 - Use LEAD as a rough guide for the content that you're going to be presenting to your clients, whatever it is that you're going to sell.

05:27 - This is specifically true if you're in a service based business that isn't like a healing art.

05:33 - A healing art, you probably aren't going to LEAD.

05:37 - It's probably just show up, put hands on, and serve in some way, right?

05:42 - I'm looking at more from a service base of any teaching based or coaching based system.

05:53 - But you as the business owner, look to the word LEADER.

05:58 - I want you to learn what you need to learn about launching so that you can engineer a plan that is very simple for you to execute, because you're gonna execute it, that plan, in the A of action.

06:12 - I want you to take action and start creating all of the pieces for the marketing.

06:17 - Action is really about the marketing stuff, all the pieces that you need in place in order to sell.

06:24 - D is the actual delivery of your program or content.

06:28 - It's the delivery piece that is going to have your ideal clients that go through it refer more people to you, so you really do want to make sure that you're not burning yourself out in the action that you're taking before you deliver your content piece.

06:45 - And when it's all done, I want you to evaluate how it went.

06:49 - Look at what went right and what went wrong, or maybe not wrong, but didn't go as smoothly as planned, and how would you address that the next time?

07:00 - Because your R is rinse and repeat.

07:03 - Learn from your mistakes when you evaluate it and make the plan to go back and do it all over again.

07:11 - Most people that are part of your first group are going to spread the word, they are going to have a great experience and they are gonna be wanting you to be successful with it and bring more people into the fold.

07:25 - So, as people start hearing the buzz of the success that people got in your program, you're going to be selling more of it so make sure that you have a plan to rinse and repeat it.

07:36 - So, learn, engineer, action, deliver, evaluate, repeat.

07:46 - That's the LEADER program.

07:48 - That's really the principles that I follow for my launching.

07:52 - Before I even start the engineering space, for me, engineering, I actually am at a place where I start actioning eight weeks out.

08:05 - I know many people that have started actioning two weeks out.

08:10 - Six to eight is about average.

08:12 - I do at least eight, and I already have done the L and the E before I get to that eight week window.

08:22 - At eight weeks, I'm actually getting things accomplished, getting things set up, because I personally like to have it so that when I'm in the middle of the launch place, the sales aspect, I can be present with the people I'm selling while I'm working on the content for the delivery.

08:42 - So, I start getting really excited about the delivery of the content that's coming up which fuels me to allow me to show up with different energy and enthusiasm for the sales.

08:56 - Also in that window in the action space, that's where you're doing whatever work, whatever content creation that you wanna put out for free to your list.

09:07 - The vlogs and blogs, the Facebook Lives.

09:11 - That's part of that process of the action space, because you want to be able to be prepping your people for the sale.

09:23 - That's really the process that I follow for my launching.

09:29 - I go through this entire piece, and when I work with clients one on one through this in the Fantastic Offers and How to Launch Them Program, that is a six month program because we go through the L through the R space.

09:47 - We may not actually have started to rinse and repeat, but we've made a plan for when that is going to be repeated.

09:55 - We come up with the whole plot process starting with, what is the offer, what are all the different pieces that we need for the offer?

10:04 - And really learning, what is the type of launch that we're going to do?

10:09 - Because there are many different types of launches that you can put out there.

10:14 - Lots and lots of different ways to do it.

10:17 - I actually have helped a number of clients.

10:21 - I've been in more than a dozen six and seven figure launches on the back side of things as support staff getting these created, so I actually have seen great ones, I have seen ones that have completely bombed, so I'm in a unique position to help you navigate the flow.

10:43 - Launches can be much of an inner game as much as the outer game of just showing up in the world.

10:51 - If you're looking for someone to hold your hand through the entire process, please reach out to me.

10:56 - I do offer this service through the Fantastic Offers and How to Launch Them one-on-one six month program.

11:04 - If that sounds interesting, please reach out.

11:08 - We go in more detail than what I've covered here or will be covering here in my blog vlog universe, okay?

11:17 - Take care everybody, have an amazing day, and we'll catch you soon. Bye now.