Your Business Patronus

“Expecto Patronum” does actually apply to your business… No Really!

"Expecto Patronum" is the spell that Professor Lupin teaches Harry when he's about 13, and this is an advanced form of magic that even the more qualified wizards have some challenge with. They struggle with it quite a bit, but when you're able to create your patronus, it is an extension of yourself that is filled with hope and love and happiness and just joy, okay?

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:00 - Hey there. Welcome to Spellbinding Biz TV.

00:02 - Today's episode we're gonna talk about the patronus of your business.

00:25 - Hey there, it's Jen Levitz from, and today's conversation is
about your business patronus.

00:34,390 - But before I get too deep into the business side, I feel like I really need to tell you about the Harry Potter side, because they do mesh really well.

00:46 - So, expecto patronum is the term that Professor Lupin teaches Harry when he's about 13.

00:56 - This is an advanced form of magic that even the more qualified wizards have some challenge with, they struggle with it quite a bit.

01:07 - But when you're able to create your patronus, it is an extension of yourself that is filled with hope and love and happiness and joy.

01:21 - That is how I feel about your Signature System.

01:27 - Your Signature System is a process that you take your clients through, and when you're working with your ideal client, you are bringing forth, you as the business owner, are bringing forth an extension of yourself.

01:42 - And being in a high place of service, of love, of joy, so there's total connection there.

01:50 - And creating a Signature System is a place that I find a lot of people get hung up on.

01:59 - It's a mindset place, because they feel like they have to create custom program A for client A, and custom program B, and custom program, and custom, and custom, and cu.

02:13 - They just feel like they can't...

02:17 - They have to do something custom, because the person and the soul that's in front of them, needs something custom.

02:25 - At least that's the mindset.

02:28 - But I'm here to tell you, I have yet to see a service-based business that can't have a Signature System, a signature process.

02:41 - It may be something as simple as, what are the steps that I take to evaluate the person in front of me, to determine what tools in my toolbox I pull out in order to get the results.

02:57 - But here is why you need a Signature System.

03:01 - You're signature system, when you create it, it kind of becomes the back of a chair.

03:07 - When you're in a chair that has a back, you as the person sitting in a chair can lean back and know that the back of the chair is here to hold you.

03:17 - See, I'm leaning back in my chair, it's very comfortable, but I don't have to lean back on my chair.

03:22 - I can't sit anywhere I'd like on my chair, I just know that if I need it, if I want it, it's there for me.

03:29 - So it becomes this emotional support, because you know that in any situation you can always fall back on the structure of your Signature System.

03:43 - One of the other awesome things that comes with having a Signature System, is that now you've created results that are duplicatable, because you're going through a specific process, you know the result is going to be this.

03:59 - You know all the time, every time you go dadadadadadada, you're going to have this outcome.

04:05 - It becomes very simple for you to sell what you do, because all you're talking about is, I can get these results and I follow these steps, and you talk about the steps in a really high way.

04:23 - You don't have to go into the details.

04:25 - For instance, my Signature System.

04:28 - I help you craft a business that is structurally sound, scalable, sustainable, and signals to the world that you're ready to soar.

04:38 - I have five steps to my signature system.

04:42 - At any given moment, what you as a business owner may need, may be one of those five.

04:49 - You might not need all five.

04:51 - You might not need them in that order.

04:54 - But I have tools that I can pull out to help you in each of those five areas.

05:00 - This conversation right here, right now, about Signature System, this is a key component to creating a structurally sound business.

05:10 - And that's why I'm talking about it.

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06:00 - Take care everybody, bye bye.