Your Business is Like Owning a Castle

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Hey Wizard,

A few weeks ago... after recording the "Business Altitude Sickness" vlog... I came up with a different way of looking at and describing the 4 mental levels of business.

Now, before I get into it, I thought you might appreciate SEEING it, in a visual way, so made a PDF. (Grab it at:

Ok, here we go... As I see it, being the owner of a business is like being the owner a castle.

And while not every castle as towers in them, let's just pretend that your castle really has 4 main levels/areas: downstairs, main/public levels, bedroom/private areas, and the towers.

The mentality that is needed and used on each level of the castle is really almost the same when it comes to the day-to-day operation of your business.

The downstairs area is home of the "Technician" and it's the primary space one gets their hands dirty to get things done. In your business, this is where much of the behind the scenes magic happens to keep the business running on the day-to-day basis. The thought process on this level this pretty limited in vision. It's mostly NOW with maybe a view to the end of the week.

The main floor with its public spaces is the "Planner's" domain. Just like a Butler, the Planner mentality is attuned to the pulse of the business. They make sure that things are getting done "downstairs" while making sure that the prospects and leads are having a good experience. The thought process is a bit broader, but really only looking out as far as what needs to be down in the nearish future, like within the next month.

As we move upstairs into the bedrooms, the balance of power shifts slightly and so does the scope with the "Strategist". As honored guests, this is where clients make their home while they work with you (privately and in groups). And this is also where goals start to take form as there is less planned (to the minute) activity.

And finally, we have the towers, home of the "Visionary". Up here, all things are possible and big ideas can drop in for planning in the future. It's a mental space where one doesn't "have to" get too detailed. It's more about seeing things for what they are and what could be.

Pretty cool, huh?

But here's the thing... When you start out in business, it's like buying an empty castle. It doesn't come with servants (or house elves) so everything that needs to get done, it handled by YOU.

This is especially true if you are starting up on the shoestring budget. You may be able to bring in some help for bigger things, but generally, you're going to be the one running up and down the stairs a lot as you juggle being IN your business with clients and working ON your business to move it forward.

So do yourself a favor and schedule some time to consciously BE in each mental level of your business at least every quarter. And when possible, group like mentality tasks together.

I promise it will serve you well!

Jen Levitz
Business Wizard & Coach
Head Mistress

P.S. This PDF graphic is just a small part of a bigger process and will allow you to SOAR in your business. Stay tuned for more in the next few weeks!