The Business OWL, Are You There Yet?

In business… your O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level) is the 6-figure mark.

Hey Wizard,

The Business OWL, Are You There Yet?

In business... your O.W.L. (Ordinary Wizarding Level) is the 6-figure mark. It's the place where most business owners have surpassed their "corporate" incomes and their (muggle) friends & family start to take their business seriously.

It's because of that last part that there are so many programs out in the world marketing that they will help you get to 6-figures.

But here is the thing you may not know about many (if not most) of those programs...

They were designed to take a business that is already making $70-85k a year to the $100k level. They are a "one size fits most" group solution, when each of the 3 levels of business between $0 and $100k need a different focus.

Then we have the price tag, which once you have stretched to make the deposit, you are rarely given direction on how to earn your return-on-investment. So if you are new, you often leave the program with debt and little more than information that you don't know how to action cuz your business isn't ready.

UGH... I just can't... not anymore.

This isn't OK!

And starting TODAY I'm going to be standing on my MORE to talk about this.

Basically, I'm here to help guild business owners to master and use the best spells (i.e. strategies) for their current business level while keeping them focused on their goals.

Spellbinding Business School serves Business Wizards at the following levels:

1) Less than $5k per month
2) Working on CONSISTENT $5-7k months
3) Newly minted OWL ($8-12k monthly)
4) Moved beyond OWL status

And while we LOVE to absorb knowledge in the library, that knowledge won't help us achieve our goals unless we put it into ACTION. So students get the support they need to excel in business now and into the future.

Jen Levitz
Business Wizard & Coach
Head Mistress