Are You Reworking Your Offers Because of Low Sales?

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Learn what’s really happening if your offer isn’t selling… And how to troubleshoot it.

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:17 - Hey, hey business wizards.

00:18 - It's Jen Levitz again from And I wanted to, again, have this conversation.

00:26 - I love having these conversations with you.

00:29 - One of the things, that is a hot button for me is I see a lot of people create an offer, do a lot of work to put it out there and then it doesn't sell.

00:44 - And then they feel like - their offer is crap and they have to throw it out, and create something completely new.

00:52 - Wrong!

00:54 - It's not that your offer was crap, the way that you know that you need to create a brand new offer is if you have people buy it and ask for refunds.

01:07 - Refunds are the way to know that the offer itself was bad.

01:11 - That the delivery of it was bad.

01:13 - Lack of sales, is a marketing problem.

01:16 - It just means that you weren't able to effectively communicate the needs of taking this course, or this product or this program.

01:27 - It just means your marketing message gets to shift and change.

01:33 - Now okay, you may end up deciding you need to come up with a new name for your offer.

01:38 - Just because you put it out there a numbers times and no one's purchased, it might be a name thing okay?

01:45 - Been there, done that.

01:48 - But it doesn't mean that the core of the offer, that the content of the offer needs to change.

01:55 - It may just be a shift in delivery.

01:59 - It may be a shift in name.

02:01 - But most specifically, it is a marketing problem.

02:06 - Look to your marketing.

02:07 - Are you talking to your ideal client for this particular product?

02:13 - Are you talking about the transformation, the results that people will get from taking this course.

02:21 - Are the results that you're talking about what people are looking for?

02:25 - It might be that, what they want is talked about very differently, than what they need.

02:33 - If your course gives them what they need, and also what they want, just talk about what they want.

02:40 - Seriously, this is a marketing thing, not the offer is crap thing.

02:47 - So that's a really important distinction that I know a lot of people have not heard before.

02:55 - So don't reinvent the wheel, reinvent the marketing message and even then, you might not need to do marketing message too much.

03:05 - It might just be that the quality of traffic that's seeing this message is just the wrong traffic.

03:11 - It's the wrong eyeballs, that's not what they're looking for.

03:14 - Maybe there is a lot of people looking for that thing.

03:17 - You're just not getting in front of those eyes.

03:20 - So again, marketing problem, not an offer problem, okay?

03:27 - Promise me, you're not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater okay?

03:32 - That's what I wanted to talk about,

03:34 - I hope you found this interesting, and we'll talk more later.

03:37 - Take care. Bye, bye.