A Magical Five-Word Phrase



Whether you are out and about or have a scheduled call, you’ll want to ask this question when you connect with other people.

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:01 - It's Jen Levitz from SpellbindingBusinessSchool.com, and today I want to talk to you about a five-word phrase that is pure magic in your business.

00:28 - So that five-word phrase is who do you know who?

00:34 - Who do you know who?

00:35 - It's a great question to be asking your prospects, and your centers of influence, and even your existing clients, because likely, they are already connected to your next prospect or client.

00:51 - Who do you know who is looking for a business coach?

00:56 - Who do you know who could use some help creating offers and learn how to launch them?

01:03 - Who do you know who might be looking for some extra accountability.

01:09 - This is a question that you can ask anybody that you're connected to.

01:13 - Just be clear on what you're looking for.

01:17 - Be clear on the person that you would like them to connect you to.

01:22 - Be clear on what that person's struggle may be.

01:27 - Be as specific as possible, because these are the people that you're connected to, and they become your referral source.

01:35 - Now, I think we've talked about the four pieces of traffic or the four types of traffic that could bring into your business.

01:41 - You can bring in organic traffic,

01:43 - you can bring in paid traffic,

01:45 - you can bring in referral traffic,

01:47 - and then there's the traffic you already have; you're existing traffic, right?

01:52 - And it's that referral traffic that you're going to pull into your business through your who do you know who.

02:00 - So be clear on what you mean, who you're looking for, and don't be afraid to ask that question... Who do you know who?

02:08 - That's it for today guys! Have a magical one! Bye-bye!