How to Position Yourself with Your Brand

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I’ve been asked about how my brand, Spellbinding Business School came into being. Today, I’m sharing the first steps of the process that got me here.

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:00 - Hey, hey business Wizards its Jen Levitz from and you're watching a Spellbinding Biz TV, where we brew up strategies that transform your bottom line.

00:11 - Now, today we're gonna talk all about positioning and branding, more specifically, I'm gonna give you a little behind-the-scenes look at how we transformed my business into this Spellbinding Business School brand, because I get a lot of questions about that.

00:27 - So we figured, let's just talk about it and then you know, like how I did it okay.

00:34 - So that's what we're gonna talk about today in our episode.

00:55 - Okay wizards, you asked the question, how did this come into being?

01:00 - How did Spellbinding Business School show up and be in this particular way?

01:07 - Okay, so let's first just talk a little bit about positioning and branding.

01:13 - So branding is the all encompassing of how you show up in the world, it is how you as your business show up.

01:26 - It is not just your logo and your fonts and your colors and your pictures, that's an aspect of branding, when you pair positioning with branding that you really show up as a trusted authority.

01:46 - And it's that positioning piece that's actually going to help bring more people to you.

01:54 - Now, before we get too deep into this,

01:56 - I hired a team to help me create this lovely brand.

02:01 - I did invest five figures into creating this brand.

02:07 - And it included a bunch of different things it was an amazing investment to me, and I will post in the notes below who I worked with, so that if you wanna go there you can totally do it with them, they'll take care of a bunch of different things maybe even add more things to the package since I purchased and I'm a little jealous.

02:28 - But, these are the processes, these are the steps that I worked on with them to create this brand, so we're just gonna talk about this from the position of, "I'm not ready to hire a team to do this for me, okay."

02:46 - We're gonna take it from there.

02:48 - So let's start at the very beginning.

02:52 - Now, if you've been following me for a while or even if you haven't, you've probably heard me talk about your business patronus this is your signature system, this is like the keystone to everything that you are going to do and be and present to the world.

03:11 - It's your transformation from A to Z, and it's where everything flows for your business.

03:18 - This is the distillation of all things that people can do when they work with you.

03:27 - And this is where your free offers, and your paid offers all come from your business Patronus i.e your signature system.

03:34 - So with that in mind, your positioning and branding, more specifically even your positioning is about supporting your signature system and getting it out and visible.

03:51 - Helping create authority, and prepare your traffic to go,

03:58 - "Oh yes, I totally wanna buy it from them."

04:00 - So, you're gonna be marrying what you do through your signature system, and who you work with, and you're gonna be putting them together to create this entire thing that we're calling positioning okay.

04:18 - So, when it comes to positioning, there's really three different paths to look at, and you'll want to look at two, like pick two and put them together in order to create your unique positioning.

04:32 - You do not have to do all three, in fact the first one is probably the hardest for many to do, and that first is niching, it's a niche position.

04:46 - It is making you the go-to person in your specific market.

04:51 - So, if you work exclusively with Realtors or real estate agents, that's really niche positioning and you'll do very well with something like that.

05:05 - If you are the healer's healer, that's niche positioning.

05:12 - If you work more broadly, like I work with service based business owners.

05:19 - That isn't really niched down enough for my business to really utilize niche positioning.

05:29 - But if I were specifically for brick-and-mortar businesses, local businesses, that could be very niche positioning and you can position your business around being that go-to person, for that specific target audience, okay.

05:46 - So this is, if you work with a really specific easy to explain market, then you'll want to include option one niche positioning into your branding, okay.

06:03 - Option two, is message positioning.

06:07 - Now, this is where you really embrace polarity,

06:14 - They either love me or they hate me, you really want the love me hate me place.

06:20 - You want them to be black and white, you really don't want to be so much in the middle.

06:25 - One of the places for my messaging positioning is around hustle.

06:31 - I hate, absolute hate the word hustle, it shuts me down, and this was long before it became the buzzword within here, like, before my son was born, my husband and I took dance lessons at Arthur Murray and I made my dance instructor change the name of the dance, the hustle.

06:55 - So the hustle is one of the first five dances that Arthur Murray teaches, and I could not deal with the name the hustle and so my dance teacher had to call it the club swing, for me to do it, because I would just stop and go, "No, try again."

07:11 - So, this is just my little rant about hustle...

07:15 - I don't like the word, I don't use the word.

07:18 - I would rather take conscious action moving forward, whatever.

07:22 - I will come up with a whole bunch of other words besides hustle.

07:26 - So that's just one piece for me, about my positioning but I also show up with, everyone deserves to be set up for success.

07:36 - I don't believe in withholding key pieces, to allow people to move forward.

07:43 - Now, that doesn't mean I give you everything for free because I don't, there are some things that if I were to give you all the details of something for free, it wouldn't serve you, it wouldn't be setting you up for success, because it would be too overwhelming, and there are things that I do that need hand-holding, plain and simple.

08:05 - So, I look at what am I presenting?

08:07 - And is what I'm giving you in this form going to set you up for success?

08:13 - If it's not going to set you up for success

08:15 - I'm not gonna put it out there, that's another positioning piece for me.

08:22 - Also in my messaging, a little bit, we have this magical aspect that's coming up.

08:28 - I do talk about woowoo stuff a little bit.

08:32 - It's grounded in business more often than not, but I do I woo (chuckling) I woo, okay, let's just go there, I woo.

08:43 - Personally, I'm spiritual and I go woo woo.

08:47 - It's not always forward, but if you don't believe in magic even from a place of literary whimsy,

09:00 - I'm not your person, and you're gonna see that, just in how I talk about things.

09:05 - I do talk about a little bit of sprinkling your fairy dust into things, and Muggles versus the Wizard's Wizarding World because it is how it is.

09:18 - I use that within my messaging, so that's option two is message positioning.

09:25 - And then there's number three, which is your identity positioning.

09:30 - And this is really the visual stuff.

09:34 - So, I very much show up with the Harry Potter you'll also notice the purple that's a piece of my identity positioning.

09:44 - Purple is my favorite color, most things in my life if I have a choice will be purple.

09:52 - It's part of my brand, and we consciously chose to go that direction with creating a visual identity for me.

10:02 - We wanted to have something that was whimsical, something that was understandable for many and wouldn't be too intimidating, and that's actually why we settled on Harry Potter.

10:16 - And we've had a lot of conversations before we got to the Harry Potter idea, but I was already talking about Muggles versus non (chuckling) versus magical folk because I was coaching a lot of people who have alternative services, like Reki and Angel Songs and Oracle Cards,

10:42 - I mean, I have coached really woo woo people and this was a way we were talking about it.

10:48 - But we were also talking about minions, if that would be a place of that we could work into my my overall brand because I have a little bit of an obsession with minions, the little yellow ones they're over here, you can't see them they're on my wall right over here. I have a shelf of a bunch of minions dressed as superheroes dressed as Star Wars characters, I like minions.

11:20 - But, what we decided was if my signature system and what I was going to be delivering was more based around done-for-you services, hiring a minion makes sense.

11:39 - But when we were creating this brand specifically, we were positioning it around being more of a coaching place and having a mentor space, so I decided you know what, I love Professor McGonagall, that's who I wanna be when I grow up.

11:58 - If we're playing in the Harry Potter world, I wanna be McGonagall, and not just because I adore Maggie Smith, but I also adore Maggie Smith.

12:09 - So we got McGonagall, and my ideal clients are actually Hermione Granger's, they are people who have who like book knowledge that like to pull in all the ideas and then figure out how to do it right, how to be like perfect in their execution of things.

12:35 - When we when we nailed that, it was like, oh yeah okay, so I totally have to do Harry Potter because that's who my ideal client needs.

12:44 - My ideal client needs the strong mentor to see that, yes it's great to be at the top of your form and know your stuff, but it's also important to let loose a little bit sometimes and actually just go with the flow and what you have in front of you, and what you need to do in front of you.

13:07 - So, that's that marrying of ideas.

13:09 - So, we're really talking about what is your combination?

13:14 - Are you going to do niche positioning?

13:16 - Are you going to do messaging positioning?

13:19 - Are you going to do identity positioning?

13:21 - Now, if you're going like, "I wanna go theme!"

13:27 - Then totally, identity positioning is totally important for you, and I do really recommend that you have messaging positioning in there.

13:36 - And so it's really like do you need to go themey?

13:39 - Or do you need to go brand market specific, really?

13:45 - That's what I'm just throwing out there as the idea of what you wanna put together.

13:51 - So look at how are you showing up?

13:55 - Because it's not just about the colors, it's not just about the fonts, it's not just about your photos.

14:02 - Those are just aspects of your overall brand that help you be recognizable, and be seen as an authority in what you do.

14:16 - So, that's what I want to leave you with today, hope you found this useful and we'll talk to you next time.

14:22 - Take care everybody, bye, bye.

Resources Mentioned

My Branding Team: For my brand, I worked with Amanda Goldman-Petri & Minling Chuang from Fame For Good. Funny thing... they have been working with so many clients privately that their website it's up yet, but I'm happy to make an introduction for you.