How I Use Asana for My Business & Family

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As a lover of TO-DO lists, one of my main Wizard Tools is In this video, I give you an overview of how I’m using it in my business and personal life.

If you are like me (and Hermione Granger), then you are likely also a BIG fan of lists.

I, personally, like to create LONG lists of bite-sized tasks, so that I can cross them off as I go... Which is part of why I LOVE Asana, cuz as I cross stuff off random mystic creatures help me celebrate the completion of tasks.

Now Trello and Asana work similarly.  If you (or your business) is more visual, then Trello may be a better fit for you.  But other than not have image previews, I CAN (and do) use Asana project boards similarly to Trello.  (Basically, a "card" is Trello is a "Task" in Asana.)

In Asana Projects can be laid out in one of two ways: List or Board

I use a Boards for planning and general information capturing.

I use Lists to actually "get things done"

And one of the GREAT things in Asana is that a "task/card" can be listed in more than one project.

  • So when you watch the video, you will be that my flow looks something like this:
    Project Board for a product/ program/ service, where I brain dump and organize everything that needs to get done into bite-sized tasks
  • Then the top 3-5 tasks for each project are shared with my MAIN Tasks Board
  • On my Planning/Scheduling Day (usually on Sunday) I then review my Tasks Board and actually schedule out my week by sharing the tasks to my MAIN Tasks List and assigning them to "me" so they also show up on the "My Tasks" list.
  • Then during the week, I really am ONLY looking at my Main Task List (unless I need to capture an idea)

This system helps keep me FOCUSED and out of overwhelm.

And because Asana is ALSO on my phone, I'm able to get work done while I'm in the "waiting" times of school pick-up, appointments, and after-school activities.

Speaking of it being on my phone.  I have a workspace that I share with my husband for the family.  The primary projects there are lists... specifically SHOPPING lists.  So no more going to the grocery store with the list still up on the fridge.

And bonus points, I can update the list while the hubby is headed to the store... so I don't HAVE TO go to Costco if I don't want to.  WOOHOO!!