The Best Way To Choose Tech For Your Business

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I often see business owners get STUCK when it comes to choosing technology for their business. Use this processing this process will allow you to feel empowered (even if tech scares you.)

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:01 - Hey, hey, business wizards. It's Jen Levitz from

00:06 - And I have a question for you.

00:08 - Are you one of those business owners who totally freaks out and stops moving forward on their to-do list if the project includes some technology?

00:20 - Yeah, it's pretty common, and we're gonna talk about how you can overcome that in today's episode here on Spellbinding Biz TV.

00:29 - Remember, this is a place where we brew up business strategies that transform your bottom line, and this one is a doozy.

00:53 - Today's episode is inspired by some conversations I've been having lately.

00:59 - I've had probably a dozen in just the last two weeks alone on what tech should I use?

01:09 - These are smart business owners that have some really amazing projects that they want to move forward with on their business.

01:17 - In fact, some have been on their list for over a year.

01:22 - But they haven't taken the action, they haven't moved forward because the tech piece has gotten them stuck.

01:29 - Now, these are projects that they know that once they do, once they execute it and start the ball rolling, that it will bring more money into their business, but they're just stuck on what tech.

01:46 - Or they're going around in circles.

01:48 - I had one gal that I had talked to a year and a half ago about tech, specifically, a specific kind of tech, and she's still dancing around that tech, like what tech to use for this.

02:02 - And this is how I stopped that insanity of the spinning, and she actually is moving forward on this project. Woo-hoo!

02:12 - So I figured I should share this process with you as well.

02:16 - Now, there's two aspects to it, and so let's start with the first one being if this is a project that you know is going to move your business forward, forget about the tech stuff and focus on the things that you know don't need the technology.

02:34 - If you know it needs a landing page, well, you also know that you're gonna need to write copy for that landing page.

02:43 - If you know it's gonna need emails, you know you need to write copy for the emails.

02:49 - Now, that copy may shift a little bit in either case based on what technology you use.

02:57 - But lump them together, you're still gonna have to write the copy, and it's very simple to adjust some languaging once you've got all the pieces figured out.

03:07 - But you need the bare bones first.

03:10 - One way or the other, like your VA is not gonna be able to set up all the tech pieces without your non-tech stuff.

03:18 - So don't let the tech stuff stop you.

03:21 - Do that stuff too, okay?

03:23 - So that's the first part. Keep moving forward.

03:26 - Do the non-tech stuff so that you can delegate the tech stuff once you figure out what tech to use.

03:33 - And you can lean on your VA for tech recommendations, especially once you have an understanding of the whole project and what you need it to do, which seamlessly connects to number two.

03:47 - Number two is get really clear on what it is you need that tech to do.

03:54 - Pretend you're hiring a person for that job and you're creating a job listing.

03:59 - What must it be able to do and what do you want it to be able to do?

04:04 - This is the same process you take if you're writing that job description and you're looking for resumes.

04:10 - You get clear on what you want and what you need.

04:15 - Then once you have that clarity, you can evaluate the different categories of candidates within that category.

04:23 - So if you're looking for an email marketing system, you can go, okay, well, it needs to be able to send emails and track.

04:31 - You can go through, it must do this, and "oh, you know what?

04:36 - It would be great if it also had affiliate tracking available within it.

04:43 - It would be great if it could have a membership site.

04:47 - It would be great if it had a built-in shopping cart.

04:52 - These are things that are wants, not necessarily needs.

04:59 - Or maybe you have a system, you're working with something, you've got three or four different techs, and it is time to integrate into a different system that does more of it all integrated.

05:13 - I hope that makes sense.

05:14 - You know, maybe you have three or four different systems that are duct taped together, and it's time to up-level and contain all of it or more of it in one system.

05:27 - So look at these different pieces.

05:29 - What are these different pieces and can I consolidate it by moving to a different piece of tech?

05:36 - This is the same process of what must it have and what do I want it to have?

05:43 - This makes it a very empowering process.

05:48 - You're no longer going, "ugh, I don't know what."

05:52 - You're saying, "I'm taking control of this. I know I need it to do this. I think it would be great if it would do this", and you're just evaluating the candidates.

06:04 - It's no longer this power struggle because you know it means these things.

06:10 - So even if you do post in a Facebook group or another social media forum of

06:16 - I'm looking for an online calendar, you can say it must be able to do these things and it'd be great if it can do this stuff too and get recommendations from your peers.

06:28 - As opposed to just saying, I need a calendar system.

06:33 - Well, what if you need a calendar system that allows your people to pay for their session before they book?

06:41 - Like before it's confirmed, they have to have paid for your session.

06:45 - Well, not every scheduling system has that functionality at this point.

06:51 - That may change in future years, but right now not every system allows that or is set up for that.

06:57 - And if you didn't have that clarity and didn't put it in your crowdsourcing email, the recommendations you get may not include a system that does that.

07:08 - So this is why I really recommend you get really clear on the seat.

07:13 - Get clear on the role and the responsibility.

07:16 - What is the outcome that you're looking for, and what things would you like it to do?

07:22 - Bonus points if you can connect new tech to some current tech you're using.

07:30 - Look at Zapier.

07:32 - It is a system that is a connector program that connects one tech to another.

07:38 - So I often look at, okay, you're in this system right now, what other options can we use with Zapier to connect those systems to make it more robust?

07:50 - These are just ideas to ponder.

07:53 - Hopefully, I didn't make things much more complicated, and really, my goal was to empower you in this place of I need to choose what tech to use.

08:06 - So let me know what's going on.

08:09 - If you're having problems choosing, if you've already laid out, I need it to do this and I want it to do this, definitely reach out to me because that is something that I can likely help you with in just the here are some options for you to look at. Okay?

08:27 - Do that because I will help you with that.

08:30 - If you're looking to break down your projects and you don't understand what tech might be involved in a project, that's also something I can help you with.

08:40 - Spellbinding Tech, is a program that actually takes these bigger marketing projects and breaks down all the tech pieces so that you can figure out the stuff you need to do and the stuff you can delegate to tech VA to get set up for you.

08:59 - So I've got you covered either way, okay?

09:02 - So if things are coming up for you, if you've got questions, reach out and let's find the solution because it's not okay anymore for you to stop not moving forward on these projects that are going to bring in more money into your life and into your business, because the money coming in means that you are changing lives and serving more people.

09:29 - So let's help you serve more people and bring in more money, okay?

09:35 - Take care, everybody. Have an amazing day. Bye!