Be A LEADER In Your Launches

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Today I’m talking about launches… Specifically about the steps to follow.

Time Stamped Show Notes

00:17 - Hey, hey, business wizards, Jen Levitz from

00:21 - And I wanna talk to you about launching. Specifically, the process of launching.

00:29 - I have worked behind the scenes in a number of six and seven-figure launches, as well as ones that have completely bombed. But I know that if you follow this process, they aren't going to bomb, okay.

00:43 - So this is the process that I use with all of my clients, all of my students.

00:50 - This is specifically what we cover in Fantastic Offers and How to Launch Them because this process works.

01:00 - So I wanna give you just this little sneak peek of the six steps we take within this process. When you follow these pieces, then you will see consistent income, okay.

01:14 - So let's start at the very top.

01:17 - The first thing we focus on is the word Learn.

01:22 - What is it that you want your ideal client to learn when they purchase this course or program, okay?

01:32 - This is really the offer piece.

01:34 - What is it they're gonna learn?

01:36 - What is the transformation?

01:39 - We're gonna go through this entire piece, including how you want to lay out the learning.

01:47 - How are they going to learn this?

01:49 - How is it going to be consumed?

01:51 - This piece is the offer piece.

01:54 - You've gotta get clear on what is the offer so that when you move to step number two, engineering, you can engineer your entire launch process in a way that supports the delivery of your course or your program or your product.

02:12 - So, number two, Engineer, is what's the launch?

02:17 - Let's engineer the entire launch.

02:19 - Let's figure out all the bits and pieces.

02:21 - How are you going to attract traffic?

02:24 - What is the marketing message that you're going to use so that they see the offer so that they hand you your credit card?

02:32 - What is that entire process?

02:35 - Map it out.

02:36 - Break it down into its different projects.

02:40 - Who is gonna be in charge of it?

02:42 - Who's going to be doing what pieces?

02:45 - And put this into your calendar.

02:47 - This is the engineer place.

02:49 - When you focus your time on what your offer is and engineering and mapping this whole piece out, these two pieces allow everything else to flow more quickly.

03:03 - And it breaks everything down and it gives everyone else who may be working on this project a sense of flow.

03:13 - They understand where all the pieces are, where what they do fits into it, and it runs significantly smoother.

03:24 - When I have been on launches that have completely bombed, they have not had the detailed execution plan.

03:33 - It so is important.

03:36 - Because the third step is Action.

03:38 - We're gonna action what we engineered.

03:41 - We've gotta action all of these pieces.

03:44 - And understanding when things are due and getting it done and having it be in bite-size pieces so that everyone continues to move forward on the project and it doesn't stagnate is important.

04:03 - Also looking at where these pieces fall in relationship to everything else going on in your world.

04:10 - A number of business owners that I've worked with, they've had lots of other things happening at the same time and haven't had the time to focus, so we've had to shift a timing of when things happen because the fourth piece, this fourth piece is about Delivering.

04:31 - And the delivery of your product is just as important as the marketing actions that support it.

04:38 - In fact, delivery may be more important.

04:42 - If you've burnt yourself out with all of the action stuff that leads up to the sale and then you are so burnt out that in the delivery phase it's just wah-wah, your clients will feel it.

04:58 - You really need to strive to be at your best when you're delivering that content, because it's the actual delivery that will get you the testimonials.

05:10 - It's the delivery that will get you referrals into this program again and again.

05:15 - If the delivery is eh, your future sales of this particular offer will also be eh.

05:23 - So, look at the action steps and make sure that you've engineered the timeline that it's actually doable without being overwhelming, okay.

05:37 - So we've now talked about what are they learning. We're engineering it. We're actioning it. We're delivering it.

05:44 - Now, the last two kind of go boom-boom after each other.

05:48 - The next word is Evaluate.

05:52 - You've delivered it.

05:53 - You've sold it.

05:55 - And now evaluate.

05:56 - What worked?

05:57 - What didn't work?

05:58 - What would you totally do again?

06:00 - What will you never do again?

06:02 - What can you do better?

06:04 - How can you make this process that you just went through flow more seamlessly?

06:11 - Because you're going to Repeat it.

06:15 - So these last two words are evaluate so that you can repeat it.

06:21 - You're going to become known for some products.

06:25 - Some products and programs are just gonna become signature things that you offer all the time, so you might as well spend the time to systematize this.

06:35 - Make it so that, yeah, you're gonna change up some of your marketing, but your delivery piece is going to become easier because the first time or first couple times that you're running it, you're gonna be doing live training and you're gonna be fine tuning the content that you're delivering so that when you get it to this point, it can now become something that you just do some live Q&A calls but they're going through recordings of when you did it live previously, or you're re-recording this live content that's already been proven great.

07:10 - We're gonna systematize this and make this repeatable.

07:14 - Marie Forleo and B-School, she's done it so many times.

07:18 - She's refining some of the pieces 'cause the tech stuff does update and change some, but generally it's the same content over and over again.

07:29 - This is the same in most of the bigger name programs.

07:34 - The seven-figure launches are really just repeating things that have already been successful before.

07:42 - It worked; we're doing it again.

07:45 - You might change up some of the messaging.

07:47 - You might not.

07:49 - It just, you'll find out.

07:52 - So, when you're talking about launching, you're really needing to step into the role of the LEADER.

07:59 - LEADER: Learn, Engineer, Action, Deliver, Evaluate, Repeat.

08:06 - You are a LEADER.

08:09 - When it comes to delivery, you may wanna look at LEADing your clients.

08:16 - What are they learning?

08:17 - I wanna teaching them something.

08:19 - They're gonna learn something.

08:20 - You're going to help them evaluate what they just learned so that they can figure out how it may be integrated into their business.

08:30 - You wanna help them take action so that they are actually executing and consuming this content that you've created so that when they're done, they want to work with you again.

08:45 - They know that you can do (chuckles) what you deliver.

08:49 - You can deliver on your promise.

08:51 - That they have had such a great experience that they wanna do it again with you.

08:57 - That's where LEAD comes into play.

08:59 - Now, I incorporate LEAD into my delivery, and LEADER is in my launches.

09:06 - And when I do this consistently and when my students do this consistently, they're seeing awesome results.

09:15 - And I would love to help you experience the same kind of awesome results.

09:21 - I work with people one-on-one for this process.

09:24 - This is what Fantastic Offers and How to Launch Them is all about.

09:29 - It is one-on-one.

09:30 - This is not small group.

09:32 - So we're covering exactly what you need in the moment, holding your hand through this entire process, because the reality is launching can feel hard.

09:43 - Okay, launching is hard.

09:46 - Launching, there are things that can go sideways that you never even thought could go sideways in the middle of a launch.

09:52 - That just seems to be when the breakdowns happen, because you're shifting to a new level.

09:58 - New level, new devil.

10:00 - You're having the breakdown before the breakthrough.

10:02 - So, this is why Fantastic Offers and How to Launch Them exists, because I've held the hands of so many entrepreneurs, have five, six, seven-figure launches.

10:16 - It just depends on where you're at and what you wanna do.

10:20 - But I'm here to help you through that process.

10:24 - So, I hope you found this interesting, and I'd love to talk to you if this sounds like something that you would like to integrate into your business.

10:33 - So feel free to reach out, and I will talk to you later, everybody.

10:38 - Have a magical, magical day. Take care, bye bye.