How to Avoid Business Altitude Sickness

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Feeling burnt out? Perhaps it’s Altitude Sickness.

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00:00 - Hi business wizards, it's Jen Levitz here from and you're watching Spellbinding Biz TV where we brew up business strategies that transform your bottom line.

00:12 - Today is a hot topic because it's all about how to avoid business altitude sickness.

00:19 - Have you experienced it?

00:39 - Business altitude sickness.

00:41 - What is it? How do you avoid it?

00:43 - What is the deal, basically, is what you might be thinking right now.

00:48 - So let's first start off with, I may have made the term up.

00:52 - But, it is based off of the medical diagnosis of altitude sickness.

00:58 - That's what happens when you shift altitudes too quickly, whether it's "I went up the hill too quickly", or "I went up or down in the water too quickly".

01:10 - If you shift states, shift locations, your body is going to freak out a bit.

01:17 - That's because it's not used to operating in that environment, and it's going to take more energy for your body to process and if you go too quickly, your body's still thinking it's at one level and you're at a different level and it just makes things harder.

01:37 - So this is the same thing in business and I see this as a main cause of entrepreneurial burnout.

01:46 - It's that you shifted from, like, levels one to four too quickly, or even one to three without going to two in the middle, can really just screw with how you operate on a day to day basis.

02:03 - If a lot of your time is spent in level two (because that's where you serve your clients), then you should be looking to find someone to operate in level four for your business sooner rather than later so that you don't have to be that person that's operating there.

02:22 - So each level has a different mindset because it has a different outcome and whatever level that you're at, the one above and the one below is perfectly good for you to shift to without it causing too much chaos within your body, okay?

02:44 - So let's talk about these four levels.

02:47 - Level one.

02:48 - This is the highest level, go one to four, Level one is the place of the CEO.

02:55 - It's that mental place of visioning. What's the big picture of what's happening?

03:01 - Where do you want to go? What do you want to create?

03:04 - This is the container space, and it is a very important place for you, as a business owner, to be able to go to.

03:13 - It may not be the place that you live in all the time, although that is likely your end goal, but if you're a solopreneur, you're not yet, not yet, living in level one.

03:28 - It just can't be because there's too many other things that need to happen in the lower levels.

03:35 - You can totally bring in contractors to fill in those other gaps and still be a solopreneur, so that is one way in order to be there, but this higher level place, this is really like the visionary.

03:47 - If you follow the entrepreneurial operating systems, I believe it is, this is the visionary space. This is the holding space space.

04:02 - This is also where many of the sales people be and operate in their business because they have a bigger view, and it's a different kind of connection is in this visionary space.

04:17 - So then we move to level two. Level two is, um, kind of split.

04:23 - If, again, in the EOS world, level two is a split place.

04:27 - It is not all the integrator.

04:30 - The integrator does tap into this, and a little bit into level three.

04:36 - So just pointing that out as a disclaimer here.

04:38 - But level two is the place that I like to play with my clients.

04:45 - This is the place where you have a view of what is, like you have a view of the city, but you also get to look at, what are the things that are going to get me there and how does this spread out?

05:00 - It's the more strategic place of what's coming and how to get there.

05:05 - So back up to level one.

05:10 - Level one's where you're probably creating your year long to three to five year plan, is from that level one space.

05:18 - If that's the case, then level two space is more of your 90 day plan.

05:23 - What do you need to accomplish in the next three months or so, or in this quarter, to achieve the goals that you've set at this higher level?

05:33 - So in level two, it's the strategic space.

05:37 - It's the higher level project plan.

05:41 - Shifting to level two, however, er, three, sorry, level three, level three is at ground level, um, and two, this, this other strategic place.

05:53 - And I think that strategic place really transitions at about 5,000 foot view?

06:00 - Most online business managers go to about a 1,000 foot view as their normal, they go ground level to 1,000 foot.

06:09 - But online business managers really fit into this level three space, and they're the people that are taking the three month plan and making it into the one month or even the one week plan.

06:24 - They are looking at, here's my goal and what do I need to do?

06:28 - What are all those little steps that need to get accomplished in order to move forward?

06:33 - Now, at level two, you're not necessarily doing the work.

06:39 - You're not going into level four, which is in the trenches, to do it, per se.

06:45 - You might go into it a little bit to help out, but that's not really the operating space.

06:50 - This is still a planning space, because we're above ground level.

06:54 - So one, two, and three are all above ground level, and they're more the planning spaces.

07:01 - And as I'm talking about this, I hope it's clicking with you that there's a different mentality in each of these different places depending on where you need to be.

07:13 - And then we move to four.

07:15 - Four has the biggest difference than the others, because four is about making things go. "How do you actually get 'er done?"

07:26 - It's the "here's my task, I'm going to complete it" mentality.

07:30 - The I don't want to think, I don't need to think, about what needs to happen, I just need to think about how to get that specific piece done.

07:41 - And if you're in that mental place of "I just need to get 'er done", it's really hard for you to be in a strategy place of where does this fit in, what else, what other pieces do I need to pull in and make sure are set up correctly to run?

07:59 - I bring this up because I've seen a lot of business owners put a lot of pressure on their virtual assistant team to be able to jump to level two for them, and level, uh like, level, er, yeah, level two.

08:15 - Level three, some, but really your VA, especially your lower price point VA, is really there to put their head down and do good work for you, and when you put pressure on them to understand all the different bits and pieces of how everything fits into the world, it becomes harder for them to serve you just like it's maybe harder for you to actually get it done because you don't know all the different bits and pieces that need to be done.

08:52 - Often, what really just needs to happen is you need somebody in that level three place to break down all the pieces, to go okay, well these are all the steps that will need to get accomplished and these are pieces that your VA can do for you and these are pieces that you will need to do so your VA can do these things.

09:11 - That's where I like to shift people to, is taking this idea of you as business owner.

09:20 - You're serving clients, probably at level two, probably, unless you're providing a done for you service, and then you may be down into level three, but generally, most service providers are operating day to day with their clients and being paid by their clients to operate at level two.

09:40 - So why would you think that you should go from serving clients to let me get the hard work done piece?

09:50 - It just doesn't work because it is too big of a jump without having something in the middle.

09:58 - So create something for you in the middle space.

10:01 - If you know that you have to work with, like you work with your clients primarily in the number two space, and you also need to get shit, get stuff done in your day, plan time in the middle where you can be operating in the, well, what will need to get done?

10:17 - Let me organize that a little bit, before you get to the let's just do it because it will help your body and your mind to process that more effectively without burning yourself out.

10:35 - The biggest piece, biggest thing I want you to take away here is that we're trying to avoid burnout of either you or your team.

10:45 - So think about, where do I need to operate today?

10:48 - Am I at one and total visionary place?

10:51 - Am I in two, which is bigger picture strategic place?

10:55 - Am I three, more intimate planning place? Or am I in a four, just get the work done place?

11:05 - And try to schedule your day so that you are operating at only one, at one level at a time.

11:15 - It will significantly make your life simpler.

11:19 - Okay guys, that's it for today. This has been a great conversation about altitude sickness and I would love to hear from you about what your take is on it.

11:31 - What do you need help to avoid this altitude sickness?

11:35 - Do you need to bring in somebody?

11:36 - What's going on? So let's talk about it.