Are You Setting Yourself Up for Success or Failure?



You’ve probably heard the old saying “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” And when it comes to business, I find this is truer more often than not.

Hey Wizard,

You've probably heard the old saying "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail." And when it comes to business, I find this is truer more often than not.

You see, I'm a big supporter of conscious creation... figuring out what you want, then doing some reverse engineering to create the plan to actually achieve that.

So perhaps that's why the concept of your business is like a castle works for me. Because I take an idea that comes from my time as a visionary in the towers, walk it down to the private spaces & bedrooms to "sleep" on it and let it strategically form into a project, take it public spaces to see what others things and make a more detailed list of steps, so that action can happen behind the scenes before it makes it's way up the castle again in service of people like you, my visitors and honored guests.

But here is what I know... not every business owner is great at actually CREATING plans, especially when there isn't yet the "staff" to run the castle. And unfortunately, this is the time when having a plan will help most.

That's because, without even a rough plan, it's hard to maximize resources like time, money, & energy.

With a plan, you can feel empowered to keep making progress and move your business forward.

But what do you do when you know you need a plan, but are finding it hard to do so on your own?

You bring me in to help you create your Bippity Boppity Business Blueprint™, so we can co-create the structure you & your business needs to thrive.

This virtual “roll your sleeves up” intensive is designed to help you craft a plan that you can use to confidently attract and serve more clients... CONSISTENTLY.

And on March 27th, I'll be virtually walking a small group of business owners through this process; to create a plan that includes what offers they are going to make, when they are going to make them (and to whom), along with creating a plan for blog/vlog & social media content.

Afterwards, you'll have lifetime access to the recordings of our group session plus you'll have TWO 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls to ensure that your plan is complete and actionable for YOU.

Claim your seat for just $397

When you sign up, it will basically feel like you hired Hermione Granger to create your end-of-term exam-prep schedule, because you'll have access to some of the pre-work within the hour.

One last thing about creating a plan... Having one, will allow you to do more of what you LOVE, serving your people.

Ok... That's it... Have a Magical Week.
Jen Levitz
Business Wizard & Coach

P.S. Not all plans need to be scheduled down to the minute, however "if you want it, then you should have put a date on it" does show up as I'm working with students. (Yes, I did sing that in my head to the tune of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".)

And Bippity Boppity Business Blueprint™ will help you with that too. Register Now and save $100*!

* At Noon Pacific on Friday 3/16/18, the investment for this intensive will be $497.